Most of our customers will definitely ask about all the bags authenticity. We can ensure all of you darlings, that the authenticity is guarenteed. However, there are 2 types of production we have. Please refer those below :

1) Reject/Overrun/Off season stocks

  • these stocks are shipped from factory outlet which is mainly china (since most of the bags are produced there). they come in single item which means only the bag.
  • only some of the bags will come together with tag, carecard, dustbag, etc..we conclude that the bags are not in complete set. 
  • we have stated in every albums of preorder bags that these stocks might have minor defects and vary in color. please do not complain after you have received the bags since it is stated already.
  • there is several defects might occur at the bag for instance, minor scratch, extra thread, position of brand logo, padlock for Furla, and no tags (that is what we encountered before.

2) New With Tag

  • all stocks are directly shipped from US and come in complete set (tag, care card, dustbag..)
  • condition is exactly the same as in retail outlets but without the paper bag since its difficult to send out in paper bag.
  • no defects at all and you can assume as you are buying from retail outlets.

All in all, these 2 types are authentic but different condition. If you opt for a perfect condition, please look into the album with (NWT). If you rather save up some money and still satisfied with the bag, opt for albums without NWT label. 

On the other hand, we'd like to inform that the estimated time arrival (ETA) is sometimes not correct since it involves shipping from other country, weather, and custom. We are also dislike to keep your items too long but we can't control it. However, most of the stocks arrived in time :)

We are trying our best to satisfy all our customers and your needs. But, without your understanding about these terms its hard for us to do that. Please please please ask anything you are unsure of. Thank you and happy shopping!

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